• Joysuke W

Cloth Mother Surrogates

It's not about addiction, but about seeking comfort and love (though perhaps that is also a form of addiction).

Since I looked into the Skinner box addiction experiment, and the parallels with our relationship to social media, I found myself be reminded me of this classic retro experiment about love and attachment. A psychological studies using a baby Rhesus macaque by Harry Harlow in 1959.

The first time I learned about this experiment was in a documentary while looking to learn about psychological attachment in relationships. Some footage in the experiment was shown, and I was struck by an intensely chilling feeling of sadness toward the poor baby monkey. It was highly unsettling, and wave of tears dropping within me. It haunted me for days. It was since seen as a controversial experiment, and many of the people who participated in it still feel guilty to this day.

If you are interested to know more about it I highly recommend you check out the Wiki and this blog: Harry Harlow, Monkey Love Experiments

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